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Jundong INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. was founded in 1981 started with the production of Cargo Control Hardware and related Forged Products. For more the 20 years growth and development, we are now one of professional manufacturers of Cargo Control Hardware, Auto Repair tools, Forged Products, Snap Hooks and some OEM Items.

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Pure Light LED Products (Pty) Ltd. is a lighting manufacturer, specialising in design and manufacture of the led luminaires, as well as providing energy saving lighting solutions to industrial, corporate, commercial,


We offer not only top performing led lights, but also tailor-made turnkey solutions that are optimised to meet the requirements of each specific application in terms of cost and performance.


By accompanying our customers throughout our product life cycle, we can ensure the competitiveness of our lighting solutions. Close collaboration with customers enables us to ensure that the project design is optimally considered in terms of its financial and technical requirements.


R&D and production of best performing led luminaires Custom design and production Light audits on site Feasibility studies for the introduction of LED lighting technologies. Lighting consulting and design

Standard and Stanpro have merged

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 This conversion was completed flawlessly under the guidance of LED Light Technology. The project was completed on-time and on budget. I find LED Light Technology to be very conscientious, extremely dependable and a great vendor in which to partner. I highly recommend LED Light Technology. 

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